Kuriosa om mig; Jag älskar historia så därför känns det extra mäktigt att jag blev döpt till namnet Petra! Visste du att Petra betyder sten på grekiska? Och att Petra även är en stad i Jordanien, som sedan 2007 räknas till ett av jordens 7 underverk? Petra är med andra ord ett mäktigt namn, och jag bär det med stolhet och glädje! Jag kommer från Norrland och är bosatt i huvudstaden. Att följa mitt hjärta är lika viktigt för mig som att andas. Att få bo på en plats där jag får massor med inspiration likaså! Tänk vad härligt att bli fylld av kärlek bara genom att gå ut genom dörren! Det är vad Stockholm gör med mig! Något annat som gör mig glad är att kommunicera och inspirera genom det skrivna ordet! Så en dag i juli 2015 slog jag två flugor i en smäll, och startade bloggen låt hjärtat guida dig. Jag har även funnit glädjen i instagram. Följ mig på: PeTHra9

In love!

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Can hardly find words for what I feel inside right now! More than SO grateful! So, so, so grateful for this day and my desicions and the spontanious meetings with loveable people! I love to live here in Stockholm and I cant say it enough times! I get super inspirerd everyday by people, places, stores, coffieshops, resturants, the history, museums, the arts of all sorts, the culture, the churches, the supportorganisations of all kinds of sorts that helps people! Pure love! And the soul and energyvibes in this city is just amazing! I love it! I am home! I am happy and I am in so inlove in life!
Sunshine on my street 💖

Having a cold...

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Yepp! It started a few days ago with me sneezing like a million times! Jeeeeze! I felt just like Prosit in the Disneyfilm Snow-white, ha,ha, and tonight (or this very early morning at 02:30) I woke up feeling worse. Not so much fun and I'm having headaches and a nose like Rudolf! Still sneezing too!
Me this early morning wakung up with my cold. Yepp, a bit frustrated, tired and at the same time wired up. So, I am taking it very easy today, and the only thing I have done so far, is going to the church. It's my Tuesdayroutine to go to my local church to meditate. I am so happy and grateful that they arrange a "drop-in meditation" for everybody and anyone who fancy that! I think its so brilliant, loveable, cosy and relaxing to participate and a real heart opener! Very much needed today when I am feeling low and in need of love and energy and healing. I also have been drinking even more citruswater, and I'm eating a lots of vegetables, fruits, berries and clean food. I want to help my body to heal the best way I can.
My lunch today! So fresh and yammi and for shure a present to my body! Food is medicine! 

How to start transforming your life:

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If you want a different (result in) life, in any kind of area, you need to let go of that which is no longer serving you. Start with a new good habit like eating more organic vegtebales and drink more citrus and limewater.  To be clean inside is a good start and your body will thank you! Treet yourself like you treat your flowers! You dont give your flowers coca-cola to grow beautiful and strong and healthy are you? ☺Its in the smalest thing we starts the biggest.
Learn how the people you admire live, love, laugh. How do they eat? How do they think? What aspect in life is important to them? How do they act towards themselves and others? Do they practice any kind of spirituality? Sports? Paying kindness forwards? I belive this kind of research is a good qee to start with. Do the research, and take the very best out of what you get, and start creating the life you want! Keep it simple and take one step a day. And have patient och faith and a lots of fun along the way!
I have just started my journey and are eating more vegetarian foods, drinking more citruswater. I take much more care of my body, with healthy food and exersising, fresh air and walks in nature, to heal myself. I am spiritual and I practice gratitude and the letting go every day. I ask for help and I am willing to recive. I set healthy bounderies for myself and towards others, and I dont settle for less.
I surround myself with people who makes my heart warm, my eyes sprakle and my mouths smile! People who inspirers me to grow and who is loving, honest and respectful. I work on my thoughts counsiesly and I write about it! I love to inspire others to follow their heart and I practice this myself. I am here to live and grow and learn. To love and to help others do the same! I focus on taking responsability for myself, my actions and my happness. Its a work in progress and I will never quit!